Shotcreting is a Frequently Useful Way to Apply Concrete
Posted by soilnailing, 02/10/2018 1:31 pm

Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials of all. Although it is most often poured into temporary molds that have been assembled for the purpose, concrete can also be formed in other effective ways.

One of the most striking and impressive of these is a process known as shotcreting. Making appropriate use of shotcreting services can extend concrete's range of suitable applications even further than would normally be the case.

A Faster, More Flexible Way to Put Down Concrete

The traditional means of forming concrete tend to require quite a bit of setup and preparation. While that can make sense when a building or other large structure is to be built, this requirement would rule out the use of concrete in many other common cases.

Shotcreting involves the transfer of prepared concrete through flexible hoses to wherever the material needs to be applied. With pneumatic pressure in the system causing the viscous material to eject forcefully, as directed, from a nozzle, it can be put down wherever it might be needed.

Many Applications for an Especially Distinctive Way to Use Concrete

Compared to the conventional technique that requires the use of static forms, shotcreting is significantly more versatile. Even in places where it would be virtually impossible to assemble forms into which to pour concrete, shotcreting can be a viable option. Some of the purposes for which this technique is most often used today include:

Slope stabilization. Whether for rocky inclines or those formed entirely from earth, being able to shore up and stabilize a steep slope is a common requirement in the construction industry. Various approaches to slope stabilization now incorporate shotcreting in productive ways, as with a tactic known as soil nailing. The fact that shotcrete can be projected over some distance from where the substance is mixed makes this an especially powerful application for the technology.

Mining. Many modern mining operations center around the removal of large quantities of earth so that it can be processed and the valuable minerals within it removed. Shotcreting can be used to rebuild even a large site such that it will remain safe for many years thereafter.

With there being many other means of shotcreting in productive, suitable fashion, this is an increasingly common way to build with concrete. That helps make an already versatile construction material even more so.

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